The blog is the most applicable platform to express yourself to the audience. It acts as a communication medium to promote your inspiring ideas and business. When you post or update an informative Blog on the worldwide web is known as blogging. Nowadays you can easily spread relevant information, news, stories with blogging. Now the question arises “How to make a Successful Blog” for that we need relevant suggestions and Guidance. Building successful website or blog is a time-consuming process. It is not a Two-three day’s Task. Coding Tag provides you with a proper Guidance on How to create a Successful Website to create a successful website according to your business. You have to follow few steps to design a website.

  1. Choose an appropriate domain name
  2. Select a proper blogging platform
  3. Pick an Applicable hosting company for Hosting
  4. Figure out interesting themes from WordPress and start writing
  5. Pick-up your innovative ideas and share it

Select an appropriate domain name suitable to your business or the topic you want to share. After selecting a Domain name, the next stage is to choose a proper Blogging platform and hosting company. Nowadays Bluehost company is most popular word press hosting company all around India that provides outstanding services, 24/7 support to satisfy their customers. just make an account on Bluehost and get started. Install a WordPress and change the preferred settings and start enjoying the interesting features of web press and begin writing text with beautiful themes.


how to create a successful website

Steps to Start a Successful Blog

  1. Choose an appropriate domain name

A domain name can be referred to as the URL of the address bar or online identification of your Blog or Website. While selecting Perfect Domain Name, you need to follow various protocols. The name of the Domain should be unique, easy to pronounce and should be related to your business including keywords, An applicable name extension must be used.

  1. Select a proper blogging platform

After Domain name, the next phase is to find out the best platform for Blogging. There are plenty of platforms easily available on internet like Wix,, Ghost, Tumblr and many more. Currently, is very accepted platform containing customized designs and beautiful themes.

  1. Pick an applicable company for hosting

To make your website online, Web space and domain names are mandatory. For web space, There is a requirement of best web hosting service Provider Company. Selection of best hosting Company is very confusing Task while selecting,  certain questions arise in our mind Related to performance, customer support, Downtime issues or security. Bluehost company is the most accepted Company as it offers Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and shared hosting with most affordable annual plans and  20 days money back guarantee. Only very few minutes are required to join Bluehost.

Figure out interesting themes from WordPress and start writing.

Install a WordPress and Do the general settings on setting options including plugins image, Theme images, and permalinks setting. Permalinks Setting is most essential setting required for search engine optimization. Select the beautiful theme and start writing your blog.

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